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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Warning - Deep, Sappy Post

In my googling today, I ran across this blog. It has a great little 5 minute movie tour of Ballard. When I say "we walked down to Ballard" the footage of the street, the farmer's market and the music venues is where we go.

I love my neighborhood. I've found a few more blogs that pertain just to Ballard and reading them gives me a sense of community and roots. [WARNING - TANGENT ENSUES] I don't have a lot of roots. I lived in 10 different houses when I lived with my parents. Since I've moved out on my own, I've lived in 12 different places, some of them two different times, in two different states.

I consider my roots to be whichever house my folks are living in. Because that's where my letterman jacket from high school is (I was a manager for the football team, which meant I took boys PE and stood on the sidelines during the games to give the guys water), that's where the big box of photos that mom has collected over the past 45 years is (and everytime I visit I dump them out and look at all of them), and it's a place where I feel at home.

I can answer the phone if it rings, even though I don't technically live there anymore. I can forage through the fridge if I'm bored. I can clean without having to explain myself, because my parents know that I'm neurotic like that. And I can just curl up on my bed, in my room, which is actually the guest room now and has none of my stuff in it, but mom still calls it My Room......actually, she says "Your all's room" because Steve always accompanies me when I visit them.......

Where was I?

Oh, I can just curl up in bed and watch cable tv.

Now I'm getting teary eyed.

Steve always corrects me when I refer to my parents' place as my home. I'm a grown woman now - I have my own home, where all my stuff is. Including my partner. But my parents' house, regardless of where that house is located, will always be one of my homes.

Now I'm just flat out crying. I hope my co-worker doesn't walk in....

I don't know what it is, but talking about roots and homes and my parents makes me mushy. I guess I miss ma and pa more than I let on. But thank goodness for cell phones, huh?! And email! If I'm not on the phone with my dad during the day, I'm emailing mom. I don't know how we used to live thousands of miles away from our family before these wonderful developments came about.

And I really don't know how I stay employed, seeing as how I spend all my time yakking to you guys.

I should do some work now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes. It's a great tour, but it's a real estate blog! We don' need no more stinkin' condos. Save Ballard!

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your parents home will always be your "home." You can have more than one. Mom always used to say she was going "home" whenever she was going to WV! Home is where your heart is and yours is with your ma and pa sometimes and that's ok! So there.

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This tells me you need to move "home".
Help me out Dee!

5:33 AM  

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