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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We're not in Seattle anymore....

Holy geez, we're havin' some fun here in the Pacific Northwest!

I was halfway home from work yesterday when it started. First, as little tiny snow pellets, then as just flat out snow and by the time I got to Ballard (I work a mere 5 miles from home) it was just flat out blizzard. Well, you people on the east coast would have laughed, but for us, it was a blizzard. Steve called as it was starting and said the roads in the neighborhood were already covered.

And they were icey. You don't think the incline from Market St to 63rd is steep, but boy howdy, it was slippery.

This morning, I heard the cars driving/sliding by and thought....oh crap. It's still icey? I had no idea it 20 degrees when I woke up. I thought for sure our fun winter weather would be done by now. But no.

I creeped a block up to the intesection and turned right. I skidded through the uncontrolled intersection at the next block. And then pretty much just slid down 24th (thank goodness for green lights the whole way) until Market St, where it was all clear and dry. But on the way, I thought, if I get to Market and it's still icey, I'm parkin' my ass at Starbucks and waiting it out.

But how do you "wait it out" when the high today is 24 degrees? Not such a good plan. So I'm hoping I can leave a couple hours early so I don't have to drive home with everyone else, and in the dark. We'll see.

Tomorrow will be no better. It's supposed to get into the teens tonight.
I think I'm feeling icky. Maybe I should just stay home....


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