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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Busy, Busy....

We had a very busy, very fun weekend.
Actually, the fun started on Thursday...

A co-worker got accepted in Physician's Assistant school, so we had celebratory drinks after work. Then, good tv night - Earl, The Office, CSI, then bed.

Friday, after rushing home and changing clothes, Steve's brother and sister in law came down and we hopped the bus to Westlake Center, downtown, to watch Steve's dad perform with his barbershop group. It was very festive, but very crowded. I had a bit of a panic attack trying to get through the crowd, but a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks cured that pretty quick.

After singing and people watching, we left the family and toodled around a bit before ending up at Kell's for dinner. They have their christmas decorations up and they had celtic christmas tunes playing quietly. It was just a beautiful place to sit and sip a coffee nudge and eat stew. Then back on the bus to home and to bed early.

Saturday, we got up and met my co-worker (same one who got accepted into PA school) and her girlfriend at the motorcycle show. Ton o'bikes. Lots to see. Very tiring. Afterwards, we walked to the Pyramid Alehouse for lunch. During lunch, we decided we wanted to keep the fun going, to we planned to met up later that night at the Little Red Hen for some kikker dancin'. Steve finally had a chance to wear his lime green cowboy shirt. Very nice.

Dancing turned into a late evening. I think we got home around 1am or so. And so, come Sunday, we were just spent. It took every ounce of energy I had to tidy up the house and drag Steve to the grocery store, because the same gals were coming over for the football game that evening. When they got to our place, I made the comment, "I can't believe you're not sick of us yet!" These are the same women I went to the Dixie Chicks with a few weeks ago and that was the first official Social Outing with them - aside from cocktails after work. So Steve and I were flattered that they wanted to spend the whole weekend with us.

I made a baked brie and veggie plate and we just sat in front of the fire and watched the Seahawks barely beat the Broncos. It wasn't looking good there for a while. Our friends left at the beginning of the 4th quarter and as soon as they drove off, the Seahawks scored a touchdown. They called and said it was a good thing they left when they did, huh? Yep. I told Steve it's too bad we can't invite them to the superbowl party. They seem to be bad luck.

Last night, I stayed at work until 6 to put up the christmas decorations in the waiting area. The Events Coordinator puts an email out every year asking for volunteers from each floor to decorate. If I didn't volunteer, our floor wouldn't get decorated. And rumor has it, people are talking about what a great job I did. I got spirit, yes I do!!

I had to cut the decorating short because I had my massage last night. And I tried to decorate our place when I got home, but I had no holiday festivness left. I put up a few things, but sat down to eat dinner and that was the end of that. I'll try again tonight. After I run to Target and Value Village to get a few things.

Yes, the season is upon us....
I will not sit still until December 25th. Steve hates this time of year and I bet my manic pace is part of the reason why. But I made rules for this year. Very clear rules.

1. I will say no to friends who ask for help with their projects (right after I help Lisa tomorrow night. She has an art show at her house this weekend and I'm helping her clean and get arranged for that).

2. I will not try to buy a gift for every human I have come in contact with over the past year (I bought little gifts for all 36 employees last year and even wrote out name tags for each and put bows on them.....on Dec 21 between getting home from work and rushing off to a Solstice party when I hadn't even packed to go to Houston, which we were leaving for the next day).

3. I will not strive to create the perfect Martha-Stewart-I-saw-it-in-a-magazine-I-know-they'll-love-it-even-if-it-takes-way-too-much-time-and-costs-a-fortune gift. A simple gesture is fine.

4. I will not run myself ragged looking for that perfect gift that will make Steve cry with happiness (like he did when I bought him the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, complete with magnifying glass, two years ago).

Maybe I should print those out and put them on the fridge.
A constant reminder....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Rae, I couldn't find an email or phone number for you on your site so I hope you see this.
I am a reporter for the Ballard News-Tribune and am working on a story about blogs in our community. I would like to talk to you about your experiences with blogging. Please contact me at or 412-4866 if you are interested.
Thanks! And awesome blog, BTW.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at you - getting posts from reporters! You'll be famous!
And you don't watch Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights?? You - who lives in Seattle and the show takes place at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital? You'd love the show - you should start watching.
You and Kristin are so much alike - she says the same thing about decorating at her work!
And I need to follow your new rules for the season too - I am also in my manic mode and Bucky hates it as well. 'Tis the season!

4:40 AM  
Blogger Raechelle said...

You know, I do usually watch Grey's Anatomy. And I love it! But now that it's on Thursdays, it's a battle between that and CSI. I really like CSI. So I have to alternate.

My life is pathetic, isn't it?

4:09 PM  

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