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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Is It Time To Go Home Yet?

So, I'm at work. And it seems that pretty much everyone is done for the day. Including me. I'm just waiting on some friends to finish up. We're going out for a drink then Steve and I are going to do a little shopping. And later we'll make our dishes for turkey day. Steve's making yams, I'm making green bean casserole. I got the wine last night. That's always our annual contribution.

I made it to work at 6:35am yesterday. Pretty good, for me.

I got my christmas cds made. And I made pretty little labels for them. Kim says I'm not allowed to listen to christmas music until Friday so I'm being patient and waiting.

That's really all I have to report.

It's still raining here. Alot.


It stormed something fierce yesterday! I walked into the kichen and there were five people, with their backs to me, staring out the window. I said "You haven't seen enough rain lately?"

We have, officially, had the wettest month EVER on record. And it's only the 22nd.

Someone said, "It's hailing!" And boy, howdy was it! It looked like snow on the ground. I ended up staring out the window for 15 minutes (it was a slow day yesterday too). And then blue sky started peeking through and the rain was done. Later on the news, we saw the photos of the lightening. Wow. That's the Space Needle under the lightening bolt on the far right of photo.

Okay, I think that's all.

Happy Turkey Day.
Gobble, gobble.


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