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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sickness, Day 2

I'm a bit better. Not nearly as many sneezing fits, but when one does hit, my head and my throat just hurt. I went to the doctor today, mainly to get a note for work. I'm nowhere near ready to go back tomorrow and I knew that after taking two days of vacation, calling in sick would look very suspicious. And the nice doctor had no qualms about writing me a note after finding some swollen lymphnodes in neck. He said I don't need to go in Friday either, so consider it a long vacation. I said it's no vacation if I'm too sick to go shopping, like I'd planned! Maybe this is my body telling me to settle down. Get my sleep in while I can.

And I'm exhausted. I cooked a quick dinner for a couple of friends who came over to exchange gifts and while I thought I was started to feel normal, as soon as they left, my energy just disappeared. Now I'm ready for bed.

So I'll rest tonight and tomorrow, and maybe I'll be up for being productive on Friday. I need to get at least one vacation day in this week!

Side Note:
I took my nosering out, for obvious reasons......think about it.
This is the first time in six years I've had it out for any length of time. Kind of weird. Here's hoping I can get it back in when all the sneezing stops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And if you can't get it back in - what happens?? Okay, I'm being hateful - sorry. But had to get a pun in! Feel better.

8:15 AM  

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