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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Ho-Ho!

What a lovely day!

I woke up at 8:30 this morning (kill me) and went for a walk. Then ran to the grocery store, then came home to cook breakfast. I wanted to get some cleaning done before the Seahawks game (at 1pm, not 10am like I thought) so I got on a manic cleaning tangent. I dusted and vaccumed upstairs and cleaned the bathroom. I tried to find something in my bathroom drawer and it was so cluttered, I yanked it out, plopped it on the bed and cleaned it out while watching the ballgame. I did the top bathroom drawer after that.

[Seahawks game - We lost with 30 seconds to go. But the 49ers lost so we're now in the playoffs. Let's move on.....]

After all the cleaning, and the traumatic ballgame, Steve and I went to Chinooks for dinner. Yummy. And we even had dessert.....double yummy.

We got home, put on the christmas music and opened presents!!

From Steve,
iPod baby!!

And! The Magic Bullet baby!!

Have you seen this thing? I'm addicted to the infomercial. You can make salsa, muffins and daiquiri in mere seconds! I cannot wait to make chocolate chip muffins in the morning!

And Mom out did herself with these lovely....fleece, cuddle, snap and zip human pouches!

I'm tempted to take mine to work. I freeze in my office.

She also got me KNIVES! TWO KNIVES!

No more difficulty chopping onions!

Also, my Aunt Jeannie sent me two sweaters, but they're too big. So Steve thought maybe he could wear them. Here's the pink one:

I got Steve a rotary tool:

along with a dvd and a book.

All and all, lots of toys for me and Steve!

Oh, and a picture of Steve's wrapping job that makes my head explode:


Blogger The Mysterious Traveler said...

Speaking of wrapping that makes your head explode...Zorg got the idea that the raw seam on a wrapped package belongs on the top of the gift, not on the bottom! As a result, it was very easy to tell which items under the tree were "from Zorg.'

10:12 PM  

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