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Monday, December 18, 2006

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things......

I love these cleaning products. And now they have a handsoap - Frosted Cranberry - that smells like a christmas tree.

Where I would be every Saturday, if my budget allowed. Their manicures are the BEST!

But if I can't get to Habitude:

My nail buffing block. In mere minutes, I can look like I got a professional manicure.

It's a wedding cake topper. I saw this on an ad and I love it. I don't think you can buy it. Bummer.

One of the best movies ever. You have to really like transexual drag queens though. And musicals.

Oooh, peppermint mochas. I'm not normally a mocha girl, but this is just freakin' awesome. And it screams C H R I S T M A S to me. Which makes it an extra special treat.

One of the best wines ever! The whole David Lake series is incredible.

No explanation necessary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You take after mom - chocolate covered cherries were her favorite but she only ate them at Christmastime! Aunt Marilyn gets a box every Christmas and eats them and thinks of mom!

4:34 AM  

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