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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chef Raechelle Strikes Again....

I was in a mood and made dinner last night. Steamed halibut with a salad.

Boring, you say?

Au contraire, dear reader.

Let me share with you the recipe (and I don't want any crap for the whole fish thing, you meat and potatoes people. You know who you are......)

First, the halibut:
Take a halibut filet (this may work with a halibut steak, but I haven't tried that).
Place the fish on a large layer of tin foil - you're going to wrap the fish up in it.
Put a very thin layer of mayo (or, as we weirdos up here use, Veganese - soy mayo) on the fish.
Sprinkle a very generous layer of breadcrumbs onto the fish. Smashed up croutons work well, if you don't have stale bread in the house. I used a bag of stuffing that D&S gave me when they moved. Anything bready and crunchy.

*Side note: the Magic Bullet was the perfect tool for grinding the stuffing into crumbs. After grinding, I just put on the little parmesan shaker lid and shook out the breadcrumbs onto the fish. Very nice.*

Wrap the fish, complete with breadcrumb coating, in the tin foil loosely, so it can steam.
Put in oven at 400 for about 15 minutes or so. I tend to not time it. I just keep checking it.

Now, the salad:
I bought the Earthbound Farms mix because I like the herbs in it and there's no chopping or washing.
Add a few sliced red onions, purple grapes and walnuts and top with bleu cheese dressing (again, I realize this is not for everyone)
And to top it off, try a nice Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay.

I tell ya, it looked like something you'd get in a restaurant! And it impresses your honey. Always a perk.....


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