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Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Steve and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary by going to dinner at the Dahlia Lounge Friday night. Very she she.

And that was about it. We were both tired, so we laid in bed and watch some Buffy episodes until we fell asleep. Wild, I tell ya.

Saturday, we took down the christmas decorations.
I hate doing that.

Then there was the Seahawks game (woohoo!) then the party at my friend Jessica's. We stayed three hours, and I drove us home. No tequila shots for me! Although, they were offered and I said no.

Sunday, we slept until noon. I love being dependentless.
We made breakfast, then Steve thumped on his bass for a while and I cleaned the office. The weather was horrible, so it was nice to not have to go out.

I'm sick of the wind. It seems like we've had this wind since November. It's just not going away. I told Steve the other night - it's getting old now. You can hear it at night whipping against the windows and blowing stuff around in the street. You have one day where it's calm out and you get excited thinking, it's over! Yay!! Then it starts up again. It makes it really hard to get up and go for a walk before work - which I did today, because it's pretty calm right now. But that's about to change. We may have snow tomorrow and/or Wednesday and the high for Thursday is 32. Brrr.

Those fleece thingies mom bought us for christmas are going to come in very handy this week.


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Happy Anniversary!

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