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Monday, February 05, 2007

Bachelorette Party

Well, I am completely out of estrogen now. Twenty four hours with 15 women really sucks it out of you.

I arrived at the Sheraton Downtown after hopping the bus from Ballard (overnight parking at the hotel = $35; bus ride downtown = $1.25 plus 200 calories burned). A group of the gals, including bride-to-be Katie, had attended a cooking class earlier in the day so they were well into party mode. We got settled in the suite, then changed and headed for the pool and hot tub with wine in hand. Yes, I took an exemption from no drinking on this day. Just one day.

That evening, a few of us left the group and escorted Katie to her dress fitting. Afterwards, back to the hotel to get gussied up for dinner at the Cellar Bistro. We had the whole back room so we mingled alittle, ate alot and told stories about Katie. Apparently we were there very, very late, because we had only been at the bar afterwards for a little bit when they started flashing lights indicating Last Call. The Bachelor Party ended up finding us and crashing our chick thing, but it was nice to run into my man and get some smoochies.

Around 2am we cabbed it back to the hotel and crashed. Which was just fine because we were exhausted. I didn't sleep much at all (wine + my sinuses = no sleep) so I awakened at 7:30am when the others were getting ready to head to breakfast. The suite we had was on the club level which included a continental breakfast in the Club Lounge. Coffee and croissants, overlooking the city from the 35th floor. Beautiful.

Some of the women stuck around to relax in the pool or shop, but I headed out early. Steve and I were attending a SuperBowl party that afternoon. And I had no more energy to talk about love, weddings or pimples. Not in that order.


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