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Monday, February 05, 2007


Woohoo. Big deal. It's not the same if the 'Hawks aren't in it.

We spent the day with a friend of Steve's down in Maple Valley. Waaaaaay down in Maple Valley. Steve joked, when we got there, that we had some problems at the border of civilization.

But the drive was well worth it. Their new house is incredible (which actually just depresses me because I will never have a house like that in Ballard. Hell, a house that size wouldn't even fit in Ballard.) and has fabulous, unobstructed views of Mt Rainier. Wow.

We ate alot (I drank root beer) and lounged around. I thought the game was going to be a shut out when the Bears scored on the opening drive, but no. Thank goodness. At least there was a little bit of suspense.

We hung out after everyone else had left so we could watch their wedding video from two years ago - Steve was the best man. Then headed home around 8pm.

And the fog. My god, the fog.
There are no street lights out in BFE, and we were on a huge hill and the road was winding and everyone drives these big SUVs with really bright headlights and foglights......Ack! Steve did a great job driving in it, but I was so tense, my shoulders hurt today from being all tightened up.

So my massage tonight is very, very needed.


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