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Friday, February 09, 2007

Steve's TC Debut!

What a fun, fun night at the Ballard Jam House last night!

Thornton, Don and MJ played a nice acoustic set first, then Steve and Mark joined them to the house! The tiny little place was PACKED! Ma & Pa Miller, Don's family, Thornton's family and lots of friends! I felt sorry for the lone waitress - she could barely maneuver around everyone to take orders. If I hadn't been in such a good mood, I would have Freaked Out.

And Steve did a great job just blending in. It was nice to gaze at him from out in the audience.....just like old times. Ah, the life of a groupie......

And I had two root beers. I was belching all night but at least I could breathe! And no stuffy sinues today!


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