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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Earthquake Day!

It was a mere six years ago today that I experienced my first earthquake. What a lovely welcome to Seattle!

I was working in my cube at a software company that morning. Steve and I had just started dating. I remember hearing, what sounded like, someone walking by and banging on my cube wall - which happened alot and always annoyed me. I remember looking up and thinking "What the hell?! Grow up!" but then I felt my chair rolling off of it's chairmat.

I looked up and out of my cube. People were running by and I saw Dave, a co-worker, standing in the doorway of his office across the hall and motioning me to come to him. I got up and walked, a bit off balance, to his doorway and asked what was going on.

He just said "Earthquake."

I remember thinking, But we're not in California!!

After about a minute, the movement stopped, but the building continued to sway for a bit. Some books had fallen off of shelves and some things were laying on the floor, but other than that, no damage to our six story, glass building.

And here's the weird thing - it was fun. They say that there is "shaking" during an earthquake. I guess maybe in some circumstances, but there wasn't shaking that day. The building actually rolled. Like it was riding a big wave on the ocean.

I immediately called mom - I don't know why. There wasn't even enough time for news to even get outside of the state, but I guess I was still in "living at home" mode. I think I left a message at her office saying "I'm fine. Yes, we had an earthquake, but it's okay. Everything's okay." She probably didn't freak out until she actually heard the message. Steve emailed with "ARE YOU OKAY?!" in the subject line. I think I still have the email. He calls this "Hug Your Project Manager Day" because that's what he was doing at the time.

I think we've had a couple of tremors since, but nothing we've actually felt. Oh, but the big one is coming. We hear about it all the time. And the thing that will get us is the tsunami that will be generated in the Pacific Ocean.

But ya know, if we live in the South, it's hurricanes. If we live in the midwest, it's tornados. If we live on the east coast, especially this year, it's snow storms. Whadya gonna do?

Happy Wedensday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has to be somewhere in these great Unites States where you can live and Mother Nature won't kill ya. When you find it, let me know. But, it has to be warm. ;>)

4:23 AM  

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