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Monday, March 05, 2007

Mattress Saga & Manual Transmissions

Quite a lovely weekend.
Saturday, slept until 11:00am then went for a walk. I had every intention of going shopping, but I just couldn't muster the energy to drive all the way over to the mall. So I did some little things around the house. One of which was helping Steve get the new mattress he bought in the bedroom and the old one up and out of the way. This one is a Costco foam TempurPedic like mattress. Steve got it off eBay from a guy who bought it, decided to upgrade to a king and had it stored for a year (wrapped in plastic, nice and clean).

Steve still hasn't decided if this one is "good" yet, but it does seem to be better than the latex mattress we've been sleeping on since June. It has a pillowtop on it which, after a couple of months, showed indentions of where we slept. I didn't like fighting with that little ledge of my body impression. This new one also seems to be much better than the TP. While still "foamy", we don't seem to sink into it as much and we don't sleep anywhere near as hot. That was a huge drawback of the TP. We'd burn up all night. But Sunday morning, we both woke up with all the covers still on us, so that's sayin' something.

Saturday night, we rented movies, lit a fire and curled up. It's nice to not have plans every now and then.

Sunday, we got up early and met Steve's folks for breakfast, then ran by the mall to take back the two pairs of shoes I bought for the wedding reception that I ended up not needing.

That afternoon, I walked down to Ballard to hit a going-out-of-business sale, only to find the store was closed on Sundays. Baffling. But there were many other stores to peruse, and I ended up buying this bag. Oh, how could I not? It was a toss up between that one and this one, because that's how I feel much of the time. I told Steve, I worry about putting the phrase "I hate people" out there to the universe, but the bag just called to me. And I thought of my friends in high school who signed my yearbook with "I love people!" oh so sarcastically. Ha ha.

Small tangent: People who know me now, who didn't know me way back when, consider me a very outgoing, social person. When I tell them I was a loner in school and didn't have a lot of friends growing up, they're shocked. My, I've come a long way! Little do they know.......

Anyway, I shopped.
Then, when I got home, I asked Steve if he wanted to go to the driving range. He was sitting in the recliner, watching golf, with his coat still on from when we got home from breakfast. I decided he needed some distracting. And he has become quite the golfer lately. He and his new friend, Chris (of Katie & Chris) had bonded over.......I was going to say "some balls" but I don't like what that implies. Let's say, they've bonded over a few games of golf.

So then, and here comes the big excitement for the weekend, I made the wild decision that I should drive Steve's car (a manual transmission) to the driving range. If you think back, you'll remember, I've never driven a standard before. I don't like standards and I don't understand paying money for a car that doesn't shift gears on it's own. But I was feeling wild and crazy so I thought I'd just toodle around the block. After the motocycle class in August, I drove his car around a parking lot and it didn't seem as difficult. The class seem help with the whole clutch/shifting chaos.

And Sunday, it all came so easy! I shifted gears! I slowed down, sped up and came to a complete stop! I went around the round-a-bouts! I felt like I could take on rush hour traffic!! I ended up driving all the way to the driving range! On the main road! I crossed a bridge, even stopped for gas then cut another car off getting back onto the main road!

I still don't think I would want to own a standard, but at least now, I can get Steve to hospital in an emergency. That's what's important.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I really need one of those bags! (What a lovely Mother's Day gift . . . . . .)

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so funny...I read your blog religiously...and I think to myself we have traded places in life! I was the social one in highschool(where it didn't matter two shits) and you were the opposite. Now, I'm the introvert . I don't like going out really. I don't like crowds of people. I really don't have many friends, not that I want many friends. I'm just fine.

I do like those bags though!!!

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From experience, I say if someone needs to go to a hospital, call 911. Don't try to do it yourself.


11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I still don't think I would want to own a standard, but at least now, I can get Steve to hospital in an emergency. That's what's important."

Yes it's all about being PRODUCTIVE! It's not at all about the look of giddy glee on your face that turned into a happy confident look of "Yeah, I can do this." Not at all.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry's funny! Call 911 if you want to go to the hospital.

4:30 AM  

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