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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vanouver BC

As mentioned previously, Steve and I went to Vancouver BC this past weekend for our anniversary. We were up and out the door by 9am on Saturday (shocking, I know) and arrived in Vancouver at 1pm. After checking into our lovely hotel , we were directed by the conceirge to Smiley O'Neals to watch the Seahawks game. Some of you may think going all the way to Vancouver to watch the Seahawks play is silly, but who knew the Seahawks would still be playing in January?

Smiley O'Neals was great and there just happened to be some other Seattlites there to yell and scream with. We had many beers and jack-n-cokes because that's what you do when you're on vacation, right? It seems that Steve and I have been on vacation for 2 months now.....

After the game we shopped around the Robson area and I made a mental note that I did not need to visit Vancouver again anytime soon. It's very, very crowded. There are always a ton of people on the street and I'm not one to subject myself to crowds for no good reason. And no good reason is that I can't afford any of the clothing and even if I could, I wouldn't wear any of it. Very hip and trendy. Blue jeans that are pre-ripped and stained for you for $180.

Around 7pm, we headed back to the hotel to make a plan for dinner. We ended up just heading down to the restaurant that was attached to the hotel - The Copper Chimney. Not really noteworthy. It is a beautiful restaurant, but the food was mediocre and the service was....there isn't a word I can think of right now to describe it. Let's just say, we asked for 2 glasses of champagne and due to the ignorance of the waitstaff, ended up with a $70 (1/2 liter) bottle of Moet & Chandon. We were intially irate, but ended up with the attitude of "When will we ever again have a bottle of Moet and Chandon?" So we enjoyed it and I even brought the bottle home.

Sunday we had a lovely breakfast at a little vegitarian/vegan place in Kitsilano then walked around for a bit. We headed back to Seattle early so we could stop at the Tulalip outlet mall. Holy crap. That place is huge! We only had 3 hours left before they closed so we literally ran through the place. We decided it would have to be a day trip sometime, so we could actually shop.

Then I had Monday off, so that morning I had coffee with an old friend and met her new baby. Afterwards, I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, did some laundry, then met Daniela and Jonah for coffee that afternoon. Babies and coffee was the theme yesterday. I went grocery shopping afterwards and made a yummy dinner of pasta with sweet potatoes, olive and feta cheese. And since I made so much, that's probably what we'll have for dinner tonight.

And now I'm back at work. Ug.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry your trip wasn't "so" great. Next time, heat east! It's much more fun and much nicer people! But I'm sure you'll enjoy our bottle of win you brought home.
Love ya.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heat east??? Well, maybe in the summer - HEAD east. Okay? Also, enjoy "our" bottle of "win" you brought home! You'd never know my hands aren't working right tonight, would you???

5:33 PM  

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