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Friday, December 23, 2005

Home for the Holidays

Today was good. I woke up early and before I had even brushed my teeth, mom was ready to go. Breakfast at the Waffle House, pick up prescriptions, swing by the grocery store. Came home and decorated the tree then cleaned up because Habe & John were coming over.

John made pork tenderloin and I was so excited about it, that when Steve (the vegitarian) asked what he was going to eat, I felt horrible. I'm always so good about making sure he's got a meatless dish, but in all the rush and excitement, I slacked. Luckily, Habe is a whiz in the kitchen so she whipped up some red sauce for pasta. This was after I started to thaw out some of mom's homemade sauce and was reminded that it has hamburger in it. Doh!

After dinner, exchanged framed photos with Habe and John and watched the video of Dad's 48 (?) surprise birthday party. My how we've grown......


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