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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Social Butterflies

I had a physical therapy appointment right after work, so I dashed straight there, then straight home to change for a Solstice Party, as our friend Heather is in town from London and wanted to see everyone. Oh, but first...

I felt the need to buy a little something for all of my co-workers. All 34 of them. I like giving and what a perfect time. I stopped by Archie McFee's after my PT appointment, just on the off chance that I may find something cheap and appropriate for co-workers. And I did. Little $.99 radiology patches/stickers. I bought 34 of them.

So I rushed home, stuck bows on the packages and little name tags while I woofed down an Amy's frozen pocket for dinner. Then changed, then off to the Solstice Party.

I told myself I would stay for one glass of wine then I had to get home because I still hadn't packed to leave for Houston tomorrow. But on the way to the party, Steve offered to pack my stuff for me, so I could just come home and throw everything in a pile and call it good. Life Saver.

The party was lovely, with tons of food and tons of wine. It was an early night, which is good, so I had time to rip stuff out of my closet, throw it in a pile and hopefully be in bed at a decent hour since I have to work tomorrow before we leave for Houston.

My head, it spins....


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