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Friday, December 02, 2005

It Doesn't Pay To Be Cheap Part II

We have a store out here called Big Lots. Mostly junk, but good when you need candles or cheesy decorations. I stopped in there last week and they had a ton of my favorite bath gel - Healing Garden Green Tea. I bought 2 for $2.99 when they're normally $8. I also liked the smell of manderine so I picked up some bath salts.

I ran a bath last night using the new bath salts. I left the bathroom for a few minutes while the tub was filling up and when I came back in, it smelled like a wet, dirty dog in there. I ran my hand through the water and smelled it - ick. So that's why it was so cheap....

I drained the tub, ran another bath using the green tea gel. It smelled good, but not exactly like my other green tea products (that I paid full price for).

Yep, there is a reason some things are cheap.
Note to self...


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