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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Suck

Okay, so I didn't post pictures this past weekend. There's really nothing going on to post pictures of, unless you want to see me, drinking a glass of wine, yelling at the Monday Night Football game, which I did again last night. Damn those Cowboys!!

The motorcycle show is coming up the first weekend of December, so there will be plenty of photo opportunities there. Oh, and Turkey Day!

Turkey Day, which Steve and I are hosting at our house this year! Isn't that exciting!? It will be a small gathering - good for our first time. Steve's parents, aunt and maybe 2 or 3 of our friends who have nowhere else to go. I'm going to do a turkey and maybe greenbean casserole and Steve's mother will bring stuffing, fixins for gravy and a pumpkin pie. Steve will make yams. I've already pulled out my fall Martha Stewart magazines from years past to get ideas on table settings. Might have to go shopping tonight for proper linen napkins. Oh, yes. I'm sure there will be plenty of photo opps there. I'm just sad mom and dad can't be here for my first attempt at hosting.....


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