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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Nosering

The ball in my nosering fell out last night. Weirdest thing.

It was loose already because my sister decided, in a drunken fit, that it needed to come out because I had an interview the next day. This was in April, the day before I interviewed for my current job. So my sister and her two friends held me down and took it out. I went home to Steve with my nosering in a ziplock bag and asked him to help me put it back in because I was a bit too tipsy to be trusted to do it. And the ball is tiny so I would have lost it for sure. So Steve used needlenose pliers to put it back in, but he bent it alittle.

Everything was fine until last night, around 11:30pm. I was almost asleep and I rubbed my nose (I had a sneezing fit earlier and my nose was still bugged) and the ball just dropped out. I found it and asked Steve to help me again, but we couldn't do it. And I was too tired to care about it. The ring wouldn't fall out of my nose; it would really need to work it's way out. But it just looked weird - this ring with a big gap in it. Much like the scene in Speed when, in the bus going 60 mph, they jump the freeway that's not finished.

So I used my lunch hour to go to Laughing Buddha, where I got the piercing 5 years ago. I got a new ring, with a ball that is fixed to one end of the ring. But it had to special ordered. So in the meantime, I have a little silver stud with a fake stone. I feel like I have something in my nose. I feel like I'm going to sneeze any minute. I can take this one out - it's easy. It literally just screws in. So now I have options and can accessorize appropriately.

I wonder how long it will take people at work to notice I don't have the ring anymore?


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