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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Babies Galore

Last night Steve and I had dinner with our friends Daniela and Sergio. Daniela Shebitz and Sergio Capozzi. Fun couple. They had their first child in August, Jonah Earl. Cutie pie. Last night was the first time we had gotten together since Jonah was born. It was...different. Daniela and Sergio are the same, but now there's this baby that keeps interrupting our conversation. It's really okay. I love Jonah. Sergio made homemade split pea soup with fried sweet potato fries. Yummy. I wouldn't have thought I would like split pea soup, but Sergio could throw dog food in a pot and season it and it would be fabulous. He's just wonderful.

Then today we drove down to Tacoma (ick) to our friends' Morgan and Merilee's boy's first birthday party. Whee. His name is Georgie. Also a cutie pie. I bought him a little car that lights up and vibrates when you push down on the head of the driver. It was a hit. So between last night and this afternoon, Steve and I are ready to party it up childless couple style. We're going to walk down to have some Thai food then play some pool at the Lock & Keel. We always meet the most interesting people there. You play to win the pool table and we've kept ahold of it for hours at a time. We are that good. Steve says I flirt with the other players to distract them and that's how we win. Hey, ya do whatcha gotta do :-)

And that concludes the update for Saturday. Tomorrow is brunch at 10am (shoot me) with our friend Shaun who is visiting from Boston (he just moved a few months ago) then Steve's dad is performing with his barbershop group at 3pm. And then the Seahawks play the Texans at 5:30. Woohoo! We're gonna kick. their. butts.


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