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Monday, November 07, 2005

It's not worth it to be cheap!

I've said numerous time that it really doesn't save to buy certain generic products. Razor blades, for instance. Razor blades, at least the ones for my Sensor razor, are about $8 for 5. But Western Family has 5 for $3.99. What a bargain! No.

You spend $5 in toilet paper, sticking it to your legs because those cheap blades wreck your skin. Note to self - Do Not Skimp On Razor Blades. Yet, just last week I bought the Western Family blades because I didn't feel like spending $8 on razor blades in the winter when I wear pants all the time anyway.

Also, Q-tips. Yes, actually, they're cotton swabs, but we call them all "q-tips" for a reason. There is no substitute. I've bought Western Family q-tips before and the little cotton balls come off in your ears, and then you have to have your boyfriend pull it out with tweezers. And that's just no good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are totally losing it! I'm beginning to get really worried about you. . . . . .

9:53 AM  

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