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Thursday, October 27, 2005


So, nothing too exciting has been going on this week except I'm stressing about a Halloween costume. Normally I wouldn't bother because we don't go to parties anyway, but this year the clinic will have little trick-r-treaters roaming the halls and I, being the lover of children that I am, was nominated to be the host for our floor. I can fake it for an hour. Since I'm hosting, I feel like I need to dress up. But being a clinic, the costumes are a bit limited - no death, violent or gory costumes and no raunchy themes (like my last costume - a Bloody Mary). What's a girl supposed to do? So I came up with dressing like a mermaid....then getting a big pillow with white packing peanuts glued to it and strapping it on back with a piece of green felt.

Great idea, right?!

However, I have no clue how to make the fishy skirt. Sewing stresses me out. I have a long sleeved, nude colored thin top and I was going to get a long, blond wig that came down and covered my chest. But that skirt....

So maybe I'll be a flapper now, if I can find a cheap dress. I have the shoes, pearls and fishnets. And that's not too risky, right? Or I may just wear my black leather pants and an orange sweater and call it festive.

In other news, Steve and I bought plane tickets to Houston for Christmas. We'll be in Friday, the 23rd through Wednesday, the 28th. It was the most stressful process. Between trying to find tickets that weren't $500 and working the time off with my boss, I was ready to trash the whole idea. Ah, but the the joy in my mama's voice when making holiday plans. How could I deny her the beauty of Christmas with her baby girl?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This I want to see photos of! Where are they!?

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