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Friday, November 11, 2005

Boring in Seattle

It hasn't been an exciting week. That's why I haven't written anything.

Monday - I jogged! For about 15 blocks total! Feelin' the burn.
But ordered a pizza and opened a bottle of wine when I got home. I think this is why I'm not losing weight. Monday Night Football. Colts won! I had 3 glasses of wine and rooted them on in our office as Steve was having a bad day and needed some alone time. I crashed around 9:30.

Tuesday - Walked Greenlake with my girlfriend, Daniela and her 3 month old, Jonah. Such a cutie! Good, long, 3 mile walk. But cold. Man. Pasta and veggies for dinner. Gilmore Girls and My Name is Earl on the telly. In bed by 10pm.

Wednesday - Fun day at work. A co-worker went with me to pick up my new nose ring and grab some sushi at lunch. Then cake that afternoon for a work thing. Yummy. Errands and shopping after work. I wondered around the christmas section of Fred Meyer for an hour. I love this time of year. I refrained from buying anything though. Meanwhile, Steve saw a blue C in his search for images at work and took it as a sign to go to dinner at Blue C Sushi. I'm all about signs. Home at 9pm to watch Lost, while curling up in bed. Asleep at 10:10pm.

Thursday - Stopped at Safeway to pick up stuff to make a broccoli dish for the potluck at work on Friday. I was tempted to buy yellow roses because 1) they smelled awesome and 2) they make me think of mom. But I'm saving money for mine & Steve's 5 year anniversary in January (the 5th, to be exact) so I didn't. I just stood and smelled them for a while. Home in time to make dinner (fried brown rice pilaf) and start a fire (in the fireplace, for those of you who didn't know we had a fireplace....). Good TV night - Joey, Will & Grace, CSI then ER. Late night. Asleep at 11:15pm.

Then a lazy day at work today. It's Veteran's Day so the doctors are all off. But the clinic is open. Whee. Big potluck, too much food, brownies that ooze butter. Yum.

I don't know what Steve and I are going to do tonight, but we're both in the mood to do something. Probably pool at the Lock & Keel. I pay for it for 2 days (very, very smokey) but we always have so much fun. Speaking of smoke - a law just passed in the election Tuesday that bans smoking in public places and vehicles in the city. Maybe elsewhere, I don't know. So no more smoking in bars or restaurants. I wonder what will happen to their attendance? It's not like people will stop going to a particular bar because they can't smoke; they can't smoke in any of them. Should be interesting. People will have to go outside and stay 25 feet away from the door or windows. A lot of people are torn about it, me included. I'm just happy that I'll be able to breathe the next day after a night at a bar.

And that's life here in a nutshell. Pictures to come this weekend. Promise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got a new nosering??? And just why didn't I know this? I REALLY liked the stud and was hoping you would keep it!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Raechelle said...

Oh, you haven't even seen the stud! I did put the ring in and the ball is much, much bigger than my old ring. So I put the stud back in. I like it. I know you're much happier about the stud, so maybe I'll bring the ring with me in December just in case you make me angry :-)

1:53 PM  

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