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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Suddenly, I'm 50.

I went to the doctor yesterday. I've been having problems with my right hip and my knees. My hip aches, alot, and my knees make these horrible grinding, popping and crackling sounds. When Steve and I first moved into our 2 story apartment, he heard my knees coming up the stairs and asked "Are we going to be able to live here?" They've never really hurt. Until a couple of weeks ago, when I decided foolishly to try jogging.

So the doctor had me do all kinds of bend this way, bend that way, does this hurt, try this....Then he had me bend each leg while stretching the other one out to the side. My knees didn't let me down. They stole the show. The doctor furrowed his brow.

"Was that your knee?"
"And it always does that?"
"The other one does it too?"

He prescribed physical therapy and x-rays, which I had done today at my clinic. I'll have to wait until he reads the x-rays to know if there's something wrong with them, or if it's just loose cartilage we're hearing.

I went to physical therapy yesterday and it seems that my hips are rotated out a bit (no, I'm not fat. I was just born that way!) which is stretching the muscle between my hips and knees more than it should, thus causing misalignment and pain. I also have burcitis in my right hip. Inflamation of the bursa sack. I have to ice it regularly until the inflamation goes away. Not a horrible diagnosis, but one that is normally saved for people over 50, I thought. The physical therapist also showed me some stretches to loosen the thigh muscles so they won't pull things out of line. I have another physical therapy appointment on Monday so we'll see if the icing and stretches are doing any good. Seems like a good reason to get a massage, too, right?

Other than that, I seem to be okay. I got my flu shot on Tuesday and my arm still hurts from that. My teeth are hurting for some reason, so it might be a slight sinus infection since I'm sneezing alot and stuffy. That's just my thoughts.


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