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Monday, December 19, 2005

My Weekend

My department's Winter Gathering on Friday was a hit! We had a big turnout, everyone had a great time, and I was patted on the back all night for my quick-no-budget party.

Unfortunately, I was so concerned with making sure everyone had a good time, I forgot to eat any of the $600 worth of food that we had. I had 4 (or 5?) rasberry lemondrops (yummy) and that alcohol went straight to my bloodstream. The good news is that the majority of my drunkness didn't really kick in until we had left my co-workers - although 2 of them went with us to hear Storm & the Balls, but they've talked to me today so I must not have been too offensive.

Saturday, I shopped my friend Kim and took care of presents for Steve. We're only doing 1 or 2 small gifts this year, so shopping was easy.

Sunday, more shopping with Daniela and Jonah. And I finished up my christmas cards and will have them mailed out today! A whole week before christmas! Woohoo! And the Seahawks beat the Titans (after falling behind and scaring the crap out of us)! Next are the Colts, who lost this weekend to the Chargers - THE CHARGERS? - which now puts them at 13-1. Maybe their confidence will be shaken and we can beat them this Saturday? Here's hopin'.

I'll be working long hours this week because I need to leave work at 2pm on Thursday. Our shuttle will pick us up at 3pm and our flight leaves at 6pm for Houston. We'll see if we can get packed by then. There's an open mic tomorrow night and a Solstice party on Wednesday night.

Let the festivities begin!!


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