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Friday, December 16, 2005

I Guess I Am Busy!

Given that's it been yet another week since I've written, I guess I am a busy person. Who knew?

Monday - Grocery Shopping
I was so very tired when I got home from work, but we had absolutely no food in the house. So we went grocery shopping. Yippee. We came home, had cereal for dinner and I was asleep before 8:30pm. Man.

Tuesday - Icky Day
Bad, bad day at work. Bad. Capital B.
Got home, lit a fire, made a cup of hot buttered rum (which sucked), ate, went to bed.

Wednesday - Strike a pose, there's nothing to it, VOGUE!
Much better day at work.
And our friend Kelly & Lisa came over to take pictures of us, and us of them, for christmas cards. I fixed some quick pasta, opened a couple of bottles of wine and took some very bad pictures. Kelly's & Lisa's pictures were good, but for some reason, Steve & I just look mentally challenged in each of ours. I joke, we got maybe 3 good photos out of 59. At least we had fun.

Thursday - Shopping
I shopped after work. Always fun. Found 3 shirts and a skirt at Goodwill. Only $10 for all. I love Goodwill. Most of my clothes are from Goodwill, and most of them say Gap or Old Navy. I even have some Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. This means nothing to you if you're not materialistic. But if you are, you can appreciate my joy.

Dinner was tortilla chips with cheese and sour cream on them, melted in the microwave. Steve had a bowl of steamed vegetables. I think he's trying to make me look bad....

Tonight is my department's Winter Gathering a bar in Fremont. I was in charge of planning it. My boss said to me "I think you should plan a christmas party [which we all know we can't do anymore...]. The group seems to be more social, and I attribute that to you coming on board, so you should plan the party. And we have no budget. See what you can do with that."

Well! I sweet talked a doctor and got around $600 from other doctors and now we're having quite the spread this evening. It's a live music bar, but most of my co-workers are young, happy hour goers, so I think it will be good.

Then afterwards (probably around 9pm) Steve and I are going to see Storm & the Balls. She looks like someone I want to hate, but I just love her. The band (a bass player, drummer & keyboard player) is incredible and her voice is loud and strong. The boys like her alot too. Go figure.

So my lunch break is over now.


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