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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Time's A Flyin'

A whole week since I've written. The week has flown by, and really, we haven't been doing much.

Monday - FOOTBALL!
The Seahawks shut out the Eagles 42-0. What a game! By the middle of the 4th quarter we were losing interest because there was just no way the Eagles were going to make a comeback. So the Seawhawks are 1st in our division. They play the 49ers tomorrow, which may be okay. But then! On christmas eve, we play the undefeated Colts. Steve and I will be in Houston and I don't know if we're going to be able to watch the game. I don't know what we're going to do.....we've already bought the plane tickets!!

Oh, and I made burritos for dinner, we had friends over.

Tuesday - Decorating!
I had done a little christmas decorating the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but I just haven't been in the spirit to go all out. And since we'll be in Houston for a week, we decided not to get a tree. However, now I want a tree. Steve suggested maybe a cheap little tabletop one. We might get one today. Anyway, on Tuesday I started stringing up lights around the windows. Steve likes lights, so he helped and ended up string a 42ft string of lights from one side of the living room to the other, with little scallops along the way. Nice and festive. And it was a good TV night - My Name is Earl. I love that show.

Wednesday - Shopping!
Steve needed new jeans. All of his others had holes in places where there shouldn't be holes. So we went to the mall to find him some hip, darker jeans. He found some at Eddie Bauer, after trying on ones at Nordstrom. Those were just silly. Pre-ripped, pre-dirtied....and $140. The Eddie Bauer ones are normal. And under $50. And he's the third person I've taken there to buy jeans.....I should get a commission.

Thursday - TV and Wine!
I love my Thursday nights. Joey, Will & Grace, CSI (Vegas) and ER. I made spinich tortellini (okay, I *boiled* spinich tortellini), garlic bread and a salad and we had a love cabernet sauvingnon by Concannon. Yummy.

And Friday - Indian Food!
I was pooped but wanted to go out. It's Friday after all!! So we called our friends Kim-n-Tim and we out for Indian food. And bottomless chai tea. I just started eating Indian food a couple of years ago. It's very flavorful. You order bowls of stuff and it goes over rice. Easy. We always have leftovers. Anyway, we had a nice dinner and then came home. I balanced my checkbook. I had 2 months worth of statements to reconcile!! I can't believe I've been slacking! Steve said I'm going to hell. Mom probably agrees. So a productive Friday night for me.

And today we're going shopping again. I need to return a bunch of tops I bought last week while shopping for the perfect outfit for Steve's holiday party, and we need to do a little christmas shopping and pick up the new helmet that Steve bought last week at the motorcycle show. Fun day!


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I bet you can find a table top Christmas really chap at Big Lots!!!

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