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Thursday, December 22, 2005


We're in Houston.
I worked this morning, until 1:45pm. Then ran home, changed clothes and threw some last minute things in my bag. The shuttle picked us up, right on time at 3pm and we were whisked off to the airport.

And it was wonderfully easy. No one was in the Continental line so we went right up to a kiosk and checked our bags. We breezed through security and had an hour and a half to spare. SeaTac airport has added a beautiful new area so we decided to grab something to eat and chill out for a while. We had our pick of sushi, mexican, pasta, seafood or deli sandwiches. Wow. We opted for big ass burritos because we knew we weren't getting anything to eat on the plane.

We left just a few minutes late, but other than that, totally stress free. I LOVE that!

And we were offered little mini cheese pizzas, a salad and M&Ms on the plane. Go figure.

Got to Houston at midnight and took a cab to mom & dad's. Mom really, really wanted to pick us up, but I didn't want her hanging out, waiting for us to get our bags so late at night. So we cabbed it (for $69).

It's always interesting to arrive at my folks'. I notice all the new stuff, and with it being christmas, it was decorated, complete with 50 christmas cards taped to the back of the front and garage doors. Steve had never been at my parents for christmas so he was wide eyed as he took it all in. Very festive.

And now off to sleep.....


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