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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sorry, sorry...

We had company come in from Houston last Thursday so there hasn't been much time to sit down and update you. DeeDee has already scolded me for not posting.

Last Monday we finally left the house to spend our gift certificates at Barnes & Noble. We met up with Daniela & Sergio there and had coffee and roamed around. I couldn't focus on what I wanted since we were gabbin' the whole time, so it turned out to be more of a social event.

Tuesday - Umm...
I can't remember Tuesday. I know we watched Scrubs for an hour, but that's all. I think it was a lazy evening.

Wednesday - Dinner at the Icon Grill
We went to dinner for our anniversary (which is actually the 5th, but since our friends were coming into town, we celebrated on the 4th) at the Icon Grill downtown. We spent way too much money, but that's what you do when you hit a milestone (5 years!), right? As a nice surprise, they just happened to have one of our very favorite bottles of wine, Columbia Winery's David Lake Sangiovese.

Side note: When I mentioned this to my co-worker, his response was "Raechelle, no matter where you go, you always seem to find your very favorite bottle of wine. What does that say about you?" It says I have lots o' favorites. Let's just leave it at that.

Anyway, I had the bacon wrapped scallops (everything's better wrapped in bacon, so they say) and Steve had the potato wrapped halibut. Fish is weird wrapped in anything, especially a potato, but he says it was good. We skipped dessert because we finished the bottle of wine (after we got home) and that's plenty of calories for the evening.

Once home, and the bottle of wine completely empty, I went to bed and Steve bleached the bathroom.

Animals, aren't we?

The bathroom tends to get splotches of mold on the ceiling and walls around the shower so every now and then it requires a bleaching. And since the friends were coming in Thursday, it needed to be done.

And thus, brings us to Maddi & Chris, fresh off the boat from Houston......


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