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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Ah, back in rainy, cold Seattle. I love it. Although, it was nice to see the sun for a few days. We won't being seeing the sun here again until around May.

Monday is just not even worth writing about. Let's just say Steve and I went shopping with mom to get out the house (since we hadn't left the house in 3 days) but the trip proved to be cursed. Lost keys, an hour wasted, found keys, new microwave and flat screen computer monitor, broken toe, let's just go home.

Tuesday! was the Goodwill trip. Every time Steve and I visit my parents, we end up taking a car load of stuff to Goodwill. Eight different kinds of random wine glasses, 2 coffee pots, blankets from 20 years ago, cutesy little gifts my mom got from someone she can't even remember that has been kept in a drawer for god knows how long and 10 year old potpourri. Mom says "Chuck it!" but being the Seattlelite that I am, I cannot throw stuff away if there is a Goodwill to take it to. Okay, I threw the potpourri away. I'm not giving that crap to someone.

That evening my long lost friend Lynda came out to visit. Lynda and I worked together at Metro Traffic Control in '96. Wow. 10 years ago. Holy crap, I'm gettin' old. Anyway, Lynda and I were the assistants to the assistant to the CEO. I do not have the energy in my fingers to type about that job, but to sum up, Lynda was fired (which is not a bad thing) and then a year later, I was fired (again, not a bad thing). So inevitably, the conversation of the evening turned to That Job and That Boss and His Assistant. I'm amazed that we still remember a few digits of his American Express number.

So Lynda went to dinner with us, then out to a family friend's bar. We had a couple of drinks, played some pool with dad, then headed back to the house to have some wine and chat. And chat we did, until 3am.

This morning, Steve and I got up and began the task of packing. Steve bought an extra suitcase 1) because he needed a new, good one and 2) we had too much junk to bring back. Including a brand new coffee pot that would not fit in any bag. But that man of mine is so crafty! He fastened a handle out of duct tape to the box and I just carried it on the plane. Everything made it back just fine.

And now we're home. It's freezing in our house because we turned the heat off when we left, so my teeth are chattering. I called in to my supervisor to say I would be a couple of hours late. I need to sleep in a little tomorrow. But only 2 days to go, then a 3 day weekend. Just one more reason to love the holidays!


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