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Friday, December 30, 2005


Whew. Two whole days of work and I'm exhausted.
Nothing new. My boss took the week off so I've gotten caught up on some stuff. And we get Monday off.

Met up with Heather, in from London, and friends at a bar in Pike's Place Market tonight. And it's freakin' pouring the rain so getting there wasn't too fun. But still good to see people. I've missed our friends.

Early night. I don't feel like I work very hard during the day, but when the evening comes, I'm sooooo sleepy. And I was quite grumpy this evening - I'm not sure why - so that didn't help matters. But we're home now and I can go to bed soon.

Which is really good because I have a big, big day tomorrow. Mimosas with my sister for New Year's Eve, then grocery shopping to get ready for our UnParty. I refuse to have parties. Too much pressure, too much disappointment when people don't show up. So last week, at the Solstice party, when people were asking what we were doing for New Year's, I said not much and if people wanted to come over and hang out, that'd be cool. But, make no mistake! It is not a Party.

Then, since the Seahawks are playing Green Bay at 10am on Sunday morning, I decided to combine the New Year's UnParty and Football Sunday in one fun filled event! I'll pick up stuff for breakfast for those who are crashing at our place. I'm assuming there will be a few.....


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