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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Maddi & Chris

So Maddi & Chris got in last Thursday. They rented a car so they were pretty self sufficient. They visited the Space Needle and toodled around Queen Anne after they dropped their stuff off at our place. That evening, we ordered Thai food and watched some TV. They were tired from travelling and Steve and I were just tired from work.

Friday - Snow-n-Sushi
Maddi & Chris took off to Snoqualmie Falls and made snow angels. Steve and I slaved away at the office. Ack.

That evening we took them to Blue C Sushi in Fremont. Or, as I like to call it, conveyer belt sushi. There's a technical name for it, but I like conveyer belt. The sushi goes by on different colored plates and you take what you want off the belt. When you're finished eating, you stack up your plates and the waitstaff tallies the total. Each plate color represents a different price. $1.50 to $4.00. Not too shabby. And each plate has a plastic lid on it so no, the fish doesn't get sneezed on.

After sushi, we went by the Lock & Keel for a drink. It's the first time Steve and I had been there since the no smoking ban was enforced. It was great. And still packed.

Saturday - Breakfast, Massages & Anthonys
We got up and went to the Bay Cafe at the Fisherman's Terminal for breakfast, then shopped at Archie McPhee for 2 hours. Maddi loaded up on goodies. She definately kept Seattle's economy afloat while they were here.

After Archie's, Maddi & I went to get massages while the boys lounged and watched football. That evening we went to Anthony's downtown on the pier for dinner. We had a couple of hours before our reservation so we hit some of the souviner shops. After dinner, we were all pooped, so we just went to bed.

Sunday - EMP & Starbucks
Maddi & Chris wanted to go the EMP and the original Starbucks while they were here. Steve and I decided not to go, so they took off after breakfast and I went shopping at Barnes & Noble. I was invited to a bridal shower on Sunday afternoon so I wanted to pick up The Cookie Sutra as a gift. I don't know the girl well enough to buy her a thong or chocolate body sprinkles, so I went with a cute, yet raunchy, book.

I went to the bridal shower later that afternoon and met back up with Maddi & Chris at the house later. Steve just hung out at the house all afternoon. That evening they wanted to take us out to dinner again, so we went to Rosita's, which Dad hated, but Steve and I absolutely love. I think Maddi & Chris loved it to since Chris cleaned his plate - unheard of at Rosita's as the portions are enormous. Steve started a trend (we call it "pulling a Steve") by cutting his big ass burrito in half at the beginning of meal so he won't eat the whole thing. Anyway.....I digress......

After dinner we looked at their photos and videos on tv. Lots of good shots. Then Chris requested a song so Steve and I played for a little bit. By then it was midnight and I had to get to sleep if I wanted to be at all productive on Monday. So we all hugged and said we need to do it again, blah blah blah.

When I got home from work Monday, they were gone and had left us our *very favorite* bottle of wine!! Such sweeties.....

And now it's Wednesday. Work is tough and busy this week so I've been coming home, doing my stretches, eating then going to bed. I'm so looking forward to this weekend. Did I mention that Steve and I are going to Vancouver, BC? We were going to go last weekend to celebrate our anniversary, but we postponed it to this weekend. And then I get off work on Monday for MLK day. A total surprise to me! Steve's not off, so I get the whole house to myself. And you can bet I am sleeping in.....


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