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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Solstice Parade

Well the Solstice Parade and Fair has come and gone.

I made it down there just as the parade started, but it took me a half an hour to figure out how to cross the street to get to Sean and Shaun. Luckily, there was a hold up in the parade and some dead space, so I darted across the road and had a comfy little seat with friends.

But these seats had a much better view of the parade:

After the parade, the Sheauns and I headed to a pub for a drink. Despite my gastrointestinitis, my jack-n-coke stayed down just fine. I think it's just what the ol' gut needed.

After drinks, we slowly wandered to find the Waterfront Stage, where ThorNton Creek was getting ready to play.

That's my bass player there on the right......

After the TC show, we hit the beer garden with Cyn and A~ and a couple of their friends. Then onto a bar where A~ was bartending that evening. The Solstice Party was put off until next weekend as too many people said it would make for a long, long day.

So our evening was over around 9pm. Which was just fine. We went to bed early and I slept until noon today. Just what I needed.

And we vegged all day today while we watched golf on TV. Baffling, I know. But I actually got into it. And I've never really paid attention to him before, but holy geez that boy is buff. Whew. I think I love golf now.

Oh! And Daniela called!! They're coming into town next weekend, for the whole week! Yay!


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