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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lazy week

My stomach hasn't been right all week so I've been pretty lazy. Shocking, I know.

Monday was the absolute longest day ever. Ack. Got home from work, cleaned up the house a bit, was in bed by 10pm.

Tuesday, had a massage (which I've been neglecting to do for three weeks), dropped in to see Kim-n-Tim for a minute, had homemade blueberry pie for dinner, then went home and went to bed.

Yesterday, I cleaned for Lisa. Still wasn't feeling too good so I wasn't my normal manic cleaning self. I did some basics, came home, went to bed.

My stomach is a bit better today. The thought of food is still making it turn though. I don't have anything planned for tonight, so it's probably going to be another one of those go-home-piddle-around-for-a-bit-then-go-to-bed-by-10pm kind of nights. And I am a-okay with that.

Then tomorrow, after work, I'll drop Ruby off at the body shop to get all fixed up. She'll be in there a week. It's very sad. But it will get me back on the bus. I thought I would get back into riding this week, but I haven't been able to get out of bed before 7am, so no bus for me.

And Saturday is the Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair! I don't think I'm going to make it to the parade, but I'll head down later with Cyn and wander around before ThorNton Creek plays at 3pm. They're actually playing the Edmonds Arts Festival that morning, then heading down to Fremont for the 3pm show. Busy guys. I'm going to skip out on the Edmonds show. I just need to sleep in one morning. Maybe even get some cleaning done, if I feel like it. If not, I'll just take my time getting down to Fremont and enjoy a nice, low key day. And MickeyP had mentioned something about having a Solstice Party Saturday night, but I never heard a confirmed plan. I need to find out about that.


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