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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Houston, Day 3

Sorry the titles aren't so catchy. By the time I write these, I'm exhausted and just not feeling all that creative. I'm very matter-of-fact at this point.

I swigged some cough syrup when I went to bed last night so I slept really, really well. Woke up at 8:30am, popped out of bed and made it just in time for breakfast. On Sundays, mom cooks bacon, sausage, eggs and toast. If I don't make it to the kitchen by the time she's crackin' eggs, I'm SOL.

After breakfast, we were off shopping. Took the canister vacuum back to Sears and got a Dirt Devil Vibe - lightweight, upright and bagless. I'm not too happy with the whole bagless thing, but this one has a Hepa filter and to empty the container, you merely press a button and the bottom falls open. No pulling out the filter and using your hands to pluck the dirt out. I vacuumed the hallways and used the attachment hose to get the baseboards and even did the lampshades. I think this one is going to work just fine. And it doesn't leave black marks on the floor.

That afternoon (because we were home from shopping at noon) mom and I played on the computer. She wanted help making some stuff, so that killed three hours. We lounged around a little, put up the hammock that I bought them for christmas, and then the neighbor came by for her Sunday visit. When she left, I took the folks out to dinner at a little place they like. I gave dad a hard time when the bill came. He ordered an $8.99 chicken fried steak! Can you believe that?! What, does he think his little girl is made of money?! Sheesh!! Then I told him I was just kidding - I've spent that on a good glass of wine. But it was fun to watch his face.

After dinner, there was more lounging around. Mom made brownies so I had to treat myself to one of those. And now I'm ready to swig some more cough syrup and call my man to say goodnight. It's nice being away from home for a while. It makes me appreciate it more. And I get to take up the entire bed and not feel the least bit guilty about it. Everyone needs that every now and then.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, you have vacuum cleaner issues. ;>)

4:18 AM  

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