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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chaos Ensues

Steve and I went out to dinner Friday night. I was all dressed up from work and I wasn't ready to take off my black patent leather heels, so we went to the Cellar Bistro. Yummy. Came home, went to bed. I wanted to be able to get up early to run errands for the baby shower so no Lock & Keel for us.

Saturday, baby shower (see previous post). Then, after all the chicks left, I poured myself a glass of wine and started cleaning the laundry room. Steve called from the golf course, to which he was banished during the shower, and said the gang was going to grab some dinner. So I walked down to Ballard and met up with them, then we all headed over to Kelly & Lisa's for a movie in the movie room. The women promptly fell asleep while the men oohed and ahhed at Firefly. Great show. We own the DVDs so I've already seen them all. So have the men, but they were in a mood.

Home at 1:30, and straight to bed.

Today, ThorNton Creek played at the U District Street Fair. In the rain. And it was 50 degrees. Ahh, Seattle. After they played, Steve, Don and I walked around for a bit, then met back up with everyone at a little coffee house and had a three hour jam fest in honor of Thornton's birthday. Fun stuff. I played a song, sang a couple more and tried to harmonize. It's good practice. The token chick in the band, MJ, was coaching me.

And then we came home, since it was still pouring the rain, and curled up in front of the tube for the rest of the evening. I thought I'd do a quick update post, then head off to bed. It's just that kind of night.

And it's already a busy week. Walking tomorrow, cleaning on Tuesday, massage and drinks on Wednesday, maybe walking again on Thursday, Casey Neill at the Sunset on Friday, then Memorial Day weekend already! ThorNton Creek has two shows at the Juan de Fuca festival in Port Angeles (on the peninsula = ferry ride) on Saturday and one of Steve's good friends is getting married that evening so we're going to try and hit the after wedding party that night. And Sunday, they're playing at Folklife, which is a very big festival here. We have a lot of festivals here in Seattle, and ThorNton Creek is pretty much playing all of them. I know I don't have to go to every show, but I like to. It makes me feel cool.

Whew. I'm exhausted just typing about it. And I haven't even mentioned work! My boss gave me three pages of tasks on Friday, most of which need to be done by June 5. Since I'm leaving to go to Texas on May 31st, I need to get those things done before I leave. Yippee. I would say, hello overtime! But that would cut into my social life. Can't have it. I may actually have to work during the week instead of blog. Huh. I may very well take the rest of the week of June 4th off, just to rest up.

I'll try to post when I can.......


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