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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bussing Pros and Cons

I rode the bus again this morning. I took the 7:06, instead of the 6:54 and got here a little later. But if I would have missed the 7:04 bus, the next one wasn't until 7:35. That's quite a wait.

Which brings me to this list of pros and cons that has been running through my head.

My 15 minute drive is now a complete 50 minute trip
Getting up early
Having to lug a backpack with my work shoes (because I wear my tennis shoes for the walk)
Not being able to run errands on my lunch hour
Icky smells on the bus
And, although it hasn't happened yet, it is inevitable that one day I will have to deal with some creepy weirdo.

I'm also finding that I feel like a dweeb compared to the cool girls on the bus. Which takes me back to 6th grade when I dreaded taking the bus to school because I *was* the dweeb and kids said really mean things to me. So far, no one has said anything mean, but I'm thinking I do need to get a different backback. Mine's nerdy.

Less stressful than driving
Getting exercise
Getting to actually look at the scenery on my route to work, which is lovely
Saving money (gas went up to $3.41)
Oh, and saving the environment and all that stuff

And one other big pro is that I have an hour and a half a day where I have an excuse to not be productive. If you know me, you understand how challenging this is. There aren't many moments in a day where I sit still and do absolutely nothing. Even when I'm sick I'm thinking, Gosh, I'm just laying here in bed.....I could be working on my magazine project. That doesn't take a lot of energy. When we watch our sitcoms at night, I'm up at almost every commercial, tidying up or cleaning up dinner dishes. I sit down to lazily surf the net and end up paying bills, organizing my desk or cleaning out my file cabinet. I'm sure Steve has this busybee tendency of mine on a Con list somewhere.

But when I'm on the bus, I just listen to my iPod. I can't read - I'm too distracted with what's going on around me. I don't have a laptop, or I'd be working on Steve's birthday spreadsheet or Kim's babyshower spreadsheet. Nope. I can't do anything. I don't even talk on the phone.

So maybe this will be good for me, mentally. It gives me some time in the day to That's a hot commodity now-a-days.


Blogger The Hamilton's said...

I took the bus for a while when we first moved down here a couple of years ago. It's a 45 mile commute. If I drive, it's 75-90 minutes 1 way. If I take the bus, it's closer to 2 hours. Can't give up that much time. I'd love to do it if it wasn't so freakin' long.

5:52 AM  

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