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Saturday, April 28, 2007


I spent all day today shopping. Steve was up at 8:30am and off to his parents to help with their neighborhood garage sale, so I was up earlier than normal on a Saturday. I hit Alderwood Mall at about 11:00am and finally got home at 7:30pm.

There are interesting things out there that I've just noticed. I may have noticed them before, but it's more apparent when you're shopping and people watching.

1) It sucks being petite (except when shopping for shoes). In the Juniors or Women's section, the t-shirts and tank tops come down to the middle of my thighs. The pants come up past my belly button and are a foot too long (I actually dropped off two pairs of pants at my tailor's to be hemmed on my way to the mall). But if you go into the petite section in the few select stores that actually have a petite section, rarely can you find any clothes that up to date. The t-shirts have frilly little prints on them, or the pants are all have elastic wastebands. If I had any concept of designing clothes, I would design a hip, trendy line for women who are shaped like me - 5'1" with long legs, but a short waist and big hips. Is that so unusual?

2) Eddie Bauer is not petite friendly. Or environmental friendly. I watched the checker wrap a woman's shirt in a piece of tissue paper, use an Eddie Bauer sticker to close up the tissue paper then put the shirt in a huge Eddie Bauer bag. I bought a compact umberella with a gift certificate I had, and when I saw her grab the tissue paper, I said "I don't need a bag" and I stuck the tiny umberella in my oversized "I Hate People" bag. She was baffled for a minute.

3) Apparently, it's the year of the boob. Most all of the shirts and dresses I tried on would not have been appropriate for work. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to wear these things. I am a-okay with the boobinal region of my body. Unfortunately, my boss is not at all impressed by this. She may even be a little jealous, who knows. My point is, everything is low cut. At least, everything I found cute and worthy of my money.

4) When a child tries to get their mother's attention by repeatedly calling out "MOM! MOM! MOM!" and the mother shows frustration, well, it's her own damn fault for not nipping that in the bud when it started.

All in all it was productive day. I bought a skirt, a loose cotton dress, three shirts, two pairs of shoes, a necklace, two new rings and five bottles of bubble bath. I got suckered at Bath & Body Works. Five for five. Five bottles lotion, bubble bath, bath gel or body spray for $5. Which is actually a good deal because the bubble bath I went in there to buy was $9.50. You can see the deal there. And no, I didn't need five bottles of bubble bath, but now I don't have to buy any for a while.

And then Steve ordered a pizza because I had no energy to cook dinner, and we watched Galaxy Quest. Cute movie. I love Sam Rockwell.

Tomorrow? Nothin' planned. Nothin' at all. I love that.


Blogger The Mysterious Traveler said...

Eddie Bauer isn't exactly petite's petite ambivalent. Even at their flagship store in Pacific Place, only about 2% of their styles are stocked in petite sizes. What's weird about this is that in the catalog about 90% of the stuff comes in petite sizes. I check things out at the store, then order from the catalog. A pain.

J. Jill, by contrast, has a sizeable petite section in the store itself (though not as extensive as the catalog, which is truly spectacular).

The Bon has a fairly youthful petite department downtown, but the Northgate store has a lot of the downscale, dumpy, elastic-waist stuff.

Oddly, it's Norstrom's petite department that gives me the creeps. Everything looks like it is designed for a wealthy socialite.

The trend to short jackets and tops in the past few years has made it possible for me to buy tops at trendy boutiques. The pants, though, have to come from J. Jill, Eddie Bauer catalog, and the Bon downtown.

Have you tried Ann Taylor? They have petites sizes, but I've always thought of them as the kind of place that specializes in size 2 and glares at you if you as for a 10.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, here are my comments for each of your 4 observations:
1. You are correct - being petite sucks (I'm 5'2" so I can say that with some authority). If I find a pair of petite pants that I like and that fit fairly well, I have to wear the flattest shoes in the world. Absolutely no heel or they are too short. And if it's not a petite, then it's a mile too long. Very annoying.
2. You should've taken the giant Eddie Bauer bag(providing it was a paper shopping bag)and used it to hold newspapers for recycling. That's what I do. And that's about the extent of my environmental friendliness - I recycle paper, cans and plastic. Oh, and wine bottles. ;>)
3. What I've learned from hanging out with high school and college kids (my kids and our friend's kids) - you're supposed to wear cami's under all those low cut shirts. They wear cami's under everything! I'm not kidding.
4. I'll remind you of this one when (if) you ever have a kid. ;>) And I will laugh and laugh and laugh.
And you were absolutely right to buy the bubble bath - it was a good deal.

4:27 AM  
Blogger The Hamilton's said...

I have to agree with Dee on #4. ;-) Of course, I do my best not to shop with Lacey.

I'm not quite petite, not quite "regular length" in pants & it's a PITA. Jeans are especially annoying.

5:57 AM  

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