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Monday, April 09, 2007

Lazy Weekend

The weekend started out with a happy hour after work Friday. Happy hour turned into splitting off into two groups when Steve and I headed to Ballard with another couple. And of course, that turned into shooting pool at the Lock & Keel. I was actually playing pretty well. Steve, however, was having an off night, so he spent the majority of the time feeding quarters to the jukebox.

That was an exceptionally late night, so we completely slept through Saturday morning. And I actually had things I wanted to do, so I was a bit disappointed. But we still got a few things done. Went by the bike shop so Steve could drop something off to be fixed, dropped a load of junk off at Goodwill, then Steve replanted some tomato plants and I cleaned the kitchen. Neither one of us had the energy to go out that night, so I made dinner and we rented a couple of movies.

And then yesterday, we had Easter/Birthday brunch with Steve's family. His dad and I share the same birthday (April 14) and he has a barbershop competition on the 14th (singing, not haircutting) so we celebrated a week early. Steve's mom bought ice cream clowns from Baskin Robbins. They look kind of like this:

The funny thing is (well, probably not so funny if you were to ask Steve's mom) is that I hate clowns. Hate them. Scared to death of them. I don't know when it happened. Mom says when I was little, I was scared of the elephants at the circus, not the clowns. I'm not scared of elephants now. Huh.

Anyway, when looking at a glob of mint chocolate chip ice cream with icing on it to look like a face......not so scary. I didn't say anything when she put the tray of them down on the table, but Steve looked at me and his brother caught it and so a spectacle it was. The ice cream was still yummy. And very, very appreciated.

*Side note: Searching for "clown ice cream cones" on google images was quite traumatizing. I hope you appreciate that picture.

After Easter/Birthday brunch/ice cream, we hung out for a bit, then headed home. I had big plans of shopping, since we were way up north and I don't go up there to shop very often, but I just had no energy and wanted to curl up on the couch. And I did. But every now and then I'd get up and empty the dishwasher, then lay back down. Then empty the trash cans, then lay back down. I was productive in spurts.

Oh, I did put out my new hummingbird feeder. I bought a bigger, better one! One that has a little perch for the birds to rest while they eat. I don't know if it's hummingbird season yet, but it know the finches are out in full force. And building nests in every freakin' bush that surrounds our apartment.

Sunday evening, we went out for sushi and ran into one of the guys we were playing pool with Friday night. Small world. Then we went over to Conor Byrne to check out their open mic (we like to do a little reconnaissance, as Steve puts it, before we play a new place). But we saw one of our Lock & Keel buddies outside and since we were an hour early for the open mic, we went in to L&K to have a drink and shoot some pool. And I met a guy that had wiped out on his bike in front of our place a few weeks ago. Again, small world. He's okay, by the way.

So, some pool, then over to Conor Byrne. I think maybe we'll play there in the next couple of weeks. Seems to be a good crowd and the sound is decent. And I'm itchin' to play out. Maybe if we start playing out every week, that will spur me to write a new song each week. Because you don't want to keep playing the same stuff over and over. You bore your fans.

Trust me, I know this stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay - you're only the second person I've ever known who is afraid of clowns! My friend Susan's little boy, Joey, hates clowns. I always tease her and say that's the craziest thing I've ever heard, nobody is scared of clowns and what did she do to traumatize that poor child? ;>) So now, I have to group you in with crazy Joey. Sorry.
And you were talking about birds building nests in the bushes around your apartment - I thought you lived in a house???? Why did I think that?

4:32 AM  

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