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Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's almost vacation time!

So I'm workin' my ass of today, trying to get caught up so I won't have to worry about anything tomorrow. On my way to Leavenworth. To prune in a hot tub for three days :-)

I took yesterday off to shuttle Steve to and from a doctor's appointment. Minor stuff. He's fine. No need to dwell. But between being gone yesterday and being gone tomorrow, I have to cram alot into today. And it's not just work.

I have to grocery shop after work - we're in charge of breakfasts for the weekend - then we have a dinner with friends (and it's not one of those "optional" dinners), then packing afterwards, and hopefully we can make it out the door tomorrow by 9am. We'll see. Leavenworth is only about two and half hours away, so if we don't leave until 10am, it's no biggie.

Oh, I'm just counting down the hours now......


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