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Monday, March 19, 2007

I think I have a problem......

I bought another pair of boots. Ack.

(We couldn't find another pose to really show off the boots....)

I have plenty of boots.

But these new black ones just called to me. Yeah buddy. And only $7. How could I say no?

Now, if you're laughing at the rolled up towels sticking out of them, stop it. It keeps them standing upright, so they don't fall over at the ankle and crease. I take care of my babies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristin bought me a pair of boots for my b-day last year that look just like that! Same toe! I only have one pair. And your towel in the boot trick is a good one. I just keep mine in the box they came in laying down. But then again, I only have one pair!

4:47 AM  

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