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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Garage Sales, Open Mic, Food Poisioning & Invitations

Quite an eventful weekend here in Seattle.

Friday night was pool at the Lock & Keel. Always fun.
Saturday, we got up early (for us) and headed to Phinney Ridge for their annual garage sale day. No big scores, but a couple of Trivial Pursuit games for $2, five wooden Ikea picture frames for the Hall of Cuteness for $3, practice golf balls for.....I don't know, Steve bought those. That kind of stuff.

That evening we were supposed to have dinner with Donna & Sandra, but I just didn't feel up to it. I was tired and alittle off. So we ordered in and lounged all night.

Sunday, Steve went off to play golf and I finished up my spring wreath.

Nice, huh?

That evening we played the open mic at Conor Byrne, and even pursuaded a couple of L&K regulars to come over and listen. They were quite impressed. After the open mic, we went over and played pool with them for a few hours.

And Monday, off to work. I splurged this weekend and bought Fruit Loops. Sugary goodness. I put some in a tuperware bowl and brought them for breakfast on Monday. I bought milk from the bistro and halfway through my cereal, I caught a whiff of something......odd. I smelled the spoon, the cereal, the bowl. I couldn't place it. So, stupid person that I am, I kept eating.

And boy howdy, did I pay for it. I ended up leaving work at 1:30pm. I was going to make a quick stop on the way home to get some invitations for Kim's baby shower so I could mail them out today, but that turned into a nightmare of running around Ballard trying to find ones that didn't look cheesy and screaming at all of the construction that was taking up all of the parking spaces.

Now, normally, I don't drive to Ballard. It was a beautiful day and, had I been feeling well, I would have gone home, then walked back down, thus avoiding all of the headaches that go along with driving in this neighborhood. But I was barely managing to keep lunch down so driving seemed very useful at the time. Stressful, but useful.

Why didn't you just go home and get the invitations later, you ask?
Because I told Kim, in an email earlier that day, that I would mail them out on Tuesday. And by golly, I was going to mail them out on Tuesday!

Back to the story.
I ended up buying blank, pretty, pastel greeting cards, fully intending to create my own beautiful invitations. This project required two additional visits to two additional stores, one of which I had already hit earlier. I got home, got in my jammies, sat down at my computer and then remembered I don't have Print Shop on my computer anymore. Crap. I lost the installation disk in one of our six moves in the past five years, and as you know, I have a new computer now.

So I just went and laid down. Steve came in and tried to comfort me, even offering to find some free Word templates on the web that I could use, but I was just exhausted.

After laying down for an hour, I decided to suck it up and go buy pre-printed invitations. I didn't have the time or the energy to create the beautiful Martha Stewart invitations I had in my head, and let me tell you, I am extremely sad about it. I love making stuff like this. Most of you have seen my christmas cards! So for me to just buy the pre-printed ones.....well, I could have just cried. It's exhausting being neurotic. Really. Just ask Steve - he has to live with me.

I ended up driving all the way over to UVillage just to buy invitations (it doesn't look that far, but at 6pm, it takes 30 minutes). They're nice, but not as nice as the ones I have in my head. At least I got them done and mailed today. And I won't even go into the hassle I had with trying to buy stamps.

Oh, and the bad milk is out of my system, so things are lookin' up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like me. I always have grand illusions of what I want - like with your shower invites. The key is to start things way, way, WAY earlier than you need to and that's where I always mess up. I wait too long, then something happens - like it did with you. The best I could do with Tricia's invites were to buy pretty paper and type my own stuff on it. Kristin and I have a friend who got married last year and has already had a baby - you should've seen her wedding invites, favors, thank you notes, baby shower invites and annoucements. Freakin' disgusting - in a good way - wish I had the creativeness and time to do it. Actually, I probably do - I'm just lazy. And your Christmas cards are awesome! ;>)

4:29 AM  

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