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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hall of Cuteness

By now, you're probably aware of our love of self portraits. We had quite a number of them, so I printed them out and put them in 4X6 wooden Ikea frames, and put them on the wall of our stairway. It used to be the Wall of Cuteness, but we ran out of room, so now it's the Hall of Cuteness. There are now photos on both sides.

It's quite the conversation piece. We had a guest at a party ask us "Who are all of these people?" It's like a chronicle of our hairstyles.

A few of my favorites:

Camping at the Kerrville Folk Festival, I think.

Our anniversary in 2005.

A random evening at home. I'm pretty sure there was wine involved.......

Our very first self portrait. 2001. We were in Portland, hanging out with Adam and Kris at a show they did at a friend's house. I was snoozing on a bench, waiting for Steve to finish helping them load their stuff, and he came over and sat down. He leaned up against me and said "Stay just like that...keep your eyes closed." But I opened them at the last minute. I had no idea he was taking a picture.

Sweet, huh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love of self portraits? How about addiction to self portraits? Kidding. At least you guys have some good ones! I've started having people do self portraits at parties and get togethers but they're usually so bad and hilarious I just delete them. And tell Steve he looks so much hotter with short hair. Am I allowed to say that???

4:25 AM  

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