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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Birthday Festivities

Well, Friday, I took the day off. Tinkered around the house in my jammies, met with my financial advisor/former cleaning client and then made dinner.

Saturday, Kim took my to lunch at the U Villiage, then we shopped til we dropped. Which didn't take long. I bought some new shoes (business casual, lace ups with a heel) and nude fishnet tights, which I'm not sure how I feel about yet. And Kim gave me a steam cleaner. Oooh the fun.
That evening, Steve took me to the Melting Pot. F O N D U E. Too yummy. I've been to the one in Houston, but since I've been dating Steve The Vegetarian, I haven't bothered to try and drag him there. It's not too vege friendly, but what better time to force him to go than when it's all about me?!

We started with the cheese fondue course (the Wisconsin Trio), served with different types of breads (cut into chunks), vegetable and apples. Which could have been a meal in itself. The came the salads. Then the main course. Steve got the vegetarian entree - all kinds of vegetables and tofu - and I got the Seafood Trio with shrimp, scallops and salmon chunks. You spear them with your little fondue fork, then put it in the bouillon, in the fondue pot, and it cooks the food. Steve's veggies didn't need cooked too much, but the seafood was so, so good.

And then there was dessert. Oh. Yin Yang. Half dark chocolate, half white chocolate fondue served with strawberries, pineapple, bananas, marshmallows, poundcake, cheesecake and brownie chunks. Man alive...............

When we got home, I told Steve "I'm going to go upstairs, throw up and go to bed." I was just miserable. And he replied with, "What, no dessert?!"

Oh, holy crap, are you kidding me?!
He disappeared for a minute........and came back with a cake.

He made a cake......ahhhh......while Kim and I were shopping.......ahhhhh.......

I thanked him profusely for the cake, but still felt like I needed to throw up, so we decided to call some friends on Sunday to get together for dinner and cake.

And then we watched Saturday Night Live and went to bed. Yippee.

Then Sunday was just a beautiful day here, so Steve tinkered with the plants on the balcony and I cleaned. I ended up going to JoAnne's Fabrics because I was just positive there something there that I needed. I decided to make a spring/summer wreath. I haven't started it yet, but I have the supplies, so I'll sit down one evening and put it all together. It's not too hard - just cram all the little fake flowers into the fake wooden, twig wreath and wala. I'll take a picture when I'm done.

Now you're all caught up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your birthday cake matched your shirt!!! Other than your need to throw up, sounds like you had a nice birthday. ;>)

4:15 AM  

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