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Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Update

I've calmed down a little bit from my earlier post, but the grrrr is still there.

Friday night was ThorNton Creek's show in Ballard. It was a good time and an early night.

Saturday, I got up early and headed out. I needed to return a couple of things from my big shopping trip a few weeks ago and pick up some things for the baby shower this weekend. It was a lot of running around.

Saturday night, Steve and I went to hear his dad sing in his babershop group, and then stopped by the Lock & Keel on the way home. I was very tired so we stayed just long enough to have a drink and kick the newbies off the pool table. I couldn't play at all, but Steve was on. The newbies weren't too happy they lost to us. They had been running the table for a couple of hours apparently. Oh, whaaa.

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early to met the whole Miller clan for breakfast at the Bay Cafe at the Fisherman's Terminal. We had a great table in our own little nook with a view of the water (and the construction of the dock). Afterwards, everyone headed back to our place, while Steve's dad went to perform at a private event for a little bit. It was a lazy afternoon of hot tea (because it was only about 50 degrees and windy) and lounging around.

After everyone left I went upstairs, with the intention of taking a nap, but I got on a tangent and cleaned our closet. Our shoe fetish is getting getting a bit out of control - you couldn't even see the floor in the closet. And the closet is no bigger than a large pantry so you can image my aggravation. I took all of the shoes out and vacuumed the carpet and as I started to put them back, I thought "Wait a minute. There's got to be a better way of doing this."

So that led me to Target. I bought $40 worth of plastic shoe boxes with lids and a couple of big bins for under the bed. Now, all of the shoes that Steve wears for special occasions are in a bin under his side of the bed, and my everyday shoes each of their own box and my boots are in a bin under my side of the bed.

I really wish I had taken before and after pictures of the closet. It's amazing. It looks like an infomerical for some closet system.

Ditzy woman: "Gee golly! However will I be able to tidy up this mess!!??"

Creepy guy with creepy facial expressions: "Well, a couple of these Handy Dandy Shoe Boxes, a little organization, and wala!! A closet that has more than enough space for even MORE SHOES!"

Ditzy woman: "WOW!! I can't believe I survived all these years without your Handy Dandy Shoe Boxes!! Thank you, Mr. Creepy Infomerical Man!!"

Anywho, I digress.....

My closet is organized. I'm very happy.

Now I need to work on the laundry room. Maybe I'll remember to take before and after pictures this time.


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