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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weekend Update

Since I'm a bit pressed for time, I decided to sum up the weekend with bullet points. I see it done on other blogs, so I know it's okay.

Drinks with friends, then on to the Lock & Keel.
Lock & Keel until 2am.
Stop for pizza on the walk home.
Crash at 3am.

Sleep until noon.
Off to Target to register for baby shower items for Kim (she's been busy).
Back to Kim-n-Tim's to help out at the house. I weed, Steve sands cabinet doors.
Home at 7pm to clean up for a surprise birthday party.
Surprise birthday party for a 26 year old. Quite the experience. Especially sober.

Sleep until noon (I really need to work on that......)
Lazily roam about the house, trying to get productive, but failing.
I finally go grocery shopping at 4pm.
Kim-n-Tim were supposed to come over for dinner but can't. Too busy.
I make up dinner, put some in tupperware dishes, take over to Kim-n-Tim.

And then Monday, I bus it to work. And decided I must go shopping to get a new backpack. I looked up my backpack on google and it's called the Frat Boy Pack. Nice.

And after I bus it home, I sit in the sunshine and 70 degree weather for a bit, then hop on my bike and ride to my massage. Look at me! Suddenly, I'm athletic.

And this week? Late birthday drinks with the 26 year old referenced above Thursday night, a ThorNton Creek show on Friday night, babyshower shopping on Saturday, Mother's Day brunch on Sunday and maybe some more shopping.

Holy crap, and then it's almost the middle of May! I've got the baby shower on the 19th, I'll be a ThorNton Creek groupie at their shows on the 26th and 27th, then I leave for Houston on the 31st! And then Steve's big birthday party on June 9th! Ack!

I love summer.


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