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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meant To Be

Today, I have a story of happiness and fate. A story of, when all seems lost, the heavens smile upon you and everything just falls into place.

A story of meant to be.

So, there are these shoes I need. Yes, need. The Perfect Black Shoe.
Comfortable for walking, summery, dainty rather than outdoorsy, and plain ol' black. No silly, colored stripes or cutesy flowers. Just black, comfortable shoes. You'd be surprised at how difficult this is. I know the shoes you're thinking of - black leather, hard sole, click when I walk? I want more casual.

When I got in the elevator at work this morning, there was a woman with darn near the perfect shoes. I asked her where she got them, she told me the store and I immediately made a mental note to google it. Then another woman got on the elevator with even more perfect shoes! Ballet slipper-like, solid black, comfy. Keen's. I could tell. I asked her about them, she said they're wonderful. I made a mental note to google them.

Once at my desk (I am not proud to say) I spent an hour and a half, in between emails and phone calls, searching for these shoes. Keen's website says they're named Sofia. I love them. I searched the internet for stores that carried them. REI only carries the teal ones because they're last year's model. Crap!

Macy's? No.
Nordstrom? No.
I called all of the outdoor stores that I could think of. No.

Oh, but a glimmer of hope. Second Ascent, in Ballard, may have them in. They have lots of Keen demo shoes and the guy said he thinks they have "that little slipper one". So a plan is formed! I'll take the bus to my hair appointment after work, hitting the shoe stores that I've found and mapped out on the way, then take the bus to Ballard, run a quick errand then head down to Second Ascent to check out the shoes. They close at 7pm so it may be tight, but I can do it! And the back up plan? If Second Ascent doesn't have them, I'll drive to work tomorrow and then after work, hit Northgate Mall. There has got to be a shoe somewhere that will serve this purpose!

So I take the bus downtown, walk to the salon, stopping at three shoe stores on the way. Nothing.

After I get all beautified, I take the bus to Ballard (where I stand for most of the ride - a first for me), do my errand then look at the time. 6:52. I don't think I can do it. Second Ascent is about six blocks away, and even if I run (which I can do, I'm wearing my tennis shoes) and survive (the tennis shoes will not, however, revive me after I collapse), I don't think I'll make it in time. Hope seems lost.


I'll just shop after work tomorrow.


So I start to walk to walk home.
But first I pass Market Street Shoes.

I'm surprised these people don't know me by name yet. I've been in there probably five times in the last few weeks looking for the Perfect Black Shoe. No luck. Well, I've had luck, but they were $160. I'm not just flat out irresponsible.

After cruising around for ten minutes, I don't see The Perfect Black Shoe. There's a lot of Semi-Perfect Black Shoes, but they're too expensive, or too pink, or just flat out ugly.

Ah.....but what's up there on the top shelf (way out of my range of vision)? that a......Keen? A black Keen Sofia slipper?!

But wait. Do they have it in my size?

I ask the sales girl for the shoes in a 7. I've always been a 7.5, but lately, a 7.5 seems too big. I even sent back some that I'd purchased online, to exchange them for a 7. I thought your feet were supposed to get bigger when you get older? Everything else shrinks, but your feet get bigger. Weird.

The girl goes in the back and brings out a size 7. She says it's the smallest size they have in the black. I try them on. They feel great.......but they're a smidge too big. Just a smidge. But when you're paying this much for The Perfect Black Shoe, a smidge is too much.



The girl suggests maybe I try on the other color in a 6.5, just to compare. Maybe the 7 isn't too big, maybe the 6.5 will be waaaaay too small. Let's not give up hope yet, she says.

I sit and stare at the floor. I am deflated.
She brings out a box and I when I look at her, she is grinning from ear to ear.

"We have a 6.5 in the black."

It was tucked into the stack of teal ones, as if someone had known I would be in this predicament!! I tried on the 6.5 and holy crap, they fit perfectly! I was giddy!

I almost screamed "I'LL TAKE 'EM!!". Up to the counter, out came the debit card and then I remembered I had a coupon from the ValPak at home. Ten percent off a purchase of $50 or more. Double poo. I told her about the coupon and she said "Oh, I'll give you the discount. Everyone has that coupon and no one remembers to bring it in."

So, on top of finding The Perfect Black Shoe *and* getting it before my trip to Houston, I got 10% off. Can this day get any better?!

Steve and I went to sushi.
I love sushi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're demented!

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, after second thought, you're not demented, I just like saying that to you - I love you..... and can't wait to see you in the morning.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you found your perfect shoe. And I hope your boss doesn't read your blog. Tee, hee, hee. ;>) Have fun in Houston!

5:25 AM  

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