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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Houston, Day 2

I didn't sleep much last night. I've had a cough since last weekend but I've been swigging my prescription cough syrup that I found in my bathroom drawer and that's knocked me right out. Well, I didn't bring the cough syrup with me because I didn't check my bags and you still can't carry liquids onboard.

Needless to say, I coughed a lot all night. So I did not partake in the 8am breakfast or the returning of the vacuum cleaner or the purchase of the new vacuum cleaner. I got up around 10:30am. Dad found some cough syrup in the medicine cabinet, so I'll try that tonight. Or maybe some of the Wild Turkey that's in the pantry.

I did, however, put the new vacuum together and tried it out. Mom used it to vacuum the kitchen floor and said yea, it was fine. But then dad saw some black marks on the tile and after some investigation, it seems the front wheel of the canister was the culprit. So back it goes. Crap. I guess I'll look online for a little stick vac that has a bag. The bag is very imporatant.

After the vacuum was packed up, mom and I got all pretty and headed down to the wedding. It was in this beautiful old church downtown. It really was a lovely ceremony. And then the reception was across the way. It started raining really hard and the only people we knew were the groom and his family, who were all very involved in mingling, so we ended up sneaking out pretty early. We decided we should get home before the weather got any worse. Interestingly, it stopped raining when we got outside of the city. Huh.

So this evening we hooked up mom's new printer and then just vegged on the couch. Very low key. Hopefully, I'll sleep well tonight and be rarin' to go early tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you have vacuum cleaner issues.

4:17 AM  

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