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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long Weekend, Road Trip and Sick

So, happy three day weekend!
I was sick Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday, but other than that, tons of fun!

Friday was just a bad day. I couldn't tell ya why, it just was.
But Friday night was fun! We saw the Casey Neill band at the Sunset in Ballard. He's from Portland and has a bit of irish influence so his shows are fun. Then to the Lock & Keel afterwards where we stunk at pool.

Later that night is when the sickness began. I had heartburn on Friday, nothing too bad, but during the night it got worse and worse, to the point where I got up, downed a bunch of antacids and then propped my pillows up so I could sleep better. It didn't work.

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to Port Angeles for the day. ThorNton Creek played a show at the Juan de Fuca Arts Festival. Funny, because you couldn't even tell there was a festival going on. The performances were all indoors because there wasn't any outside green/lawn space to have an outdoor festival. They played at the Elks Lodge. There was a huge dancefloor so there was a lot of dancing. I was up on the balcony videotaping the show, otherwise I would have been right there with them. After the show, we got some food then headed back to Seattle. Left the house at 10:30am, got home at 10:30pm. Loooong day.

And I drank milk all day, which actually helped the hearburn quite well. But it didn't help the sore, raw throat that had now developed. And there was a cough. A raspy, deep make-your-chest-burn cough.

Saturday night was much of the same - pop the antacides, drink milk and prop myself up on pillows. I didn't sleep much.

Sunday, the alarm went off bright and early at 9am because ThorNton Creek was playing Folklife. But since I hadn't slept all night and it was raining and 50 degrees out, I stayed in bed. I hear it was a really great show for them. I'm sorry I had to miss it. But I'm never really gung ho about going to Folklife (way too many people for me) and with the rain and the cold and not knowing whether or not I had a cold or something, I figured it was just best to stay home.

So I stayed in bed until 3pm and watched Looney Tunes. Not too bad.

And Monday I had the wild hair to have a potluck in the afternoon, but after calling everyone and making the plan, I decided I really didn't feel much better (although I did get a good night's sleep thanks to some prescription cough syrup) so I called everyone again and cancelled the plan. I hate doing that, but I really didn't think I'd be much fun. It's too bad because it was such a beautiful day. So I went to the grocery store and stopped by a couple of shoe stores and called it a day. Yippee.

And that brings us up to date.
A mere three days of work, then I'm off to Houston Thursday night. I went ahead and took all of next week off so I could have some downtime and get ready for Steve's birthday party! That's the most I can say about it because, while Steve knows he's having a party, he doesn't know where or any of the cutesy details that I get so wrapped up in.

And gas has dropped a few cents here, but I still took the bus this morning.


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